The card I want to use is not listed. How do I add a new card?

Check In populates your Saved Cards based on the cards you’ve used in the past. If you want to use a card that is not listed, simply select “Add a new card.” You will be asked to upload your receipt for the offer you claimed. The receipt must show the last 4 digits of your new card. Once GetUpside processes the receipt, your new card will show up for future Check In offers.



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    How do I go to check in when I am not at a station buying gas.  I need to check/change the credit card

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    When you arrive at the station and check in, it'll once again prompt your saved cards screen, where you're able to add a new card. Just follow the instructions and you'll be set to go!

    Make sure to check out the rest of Check In FAQs.

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