Can I earn cash back from convenience store purchases, car washes, and other services?

Some gas stations offer cash back deals on convenience store purchases (think snacks/drinks), car washes, inspections, oil changes, etc.

You'll see these offers, if available, like this:


To use one of these offers, you have to claim a gas offer, check the box of the additional offer, make your purchases with a credit/debit card, and then upload your receipts (starting with your gas receipt first).

If you don't need to purchase gas and you just want to take advantage of the additional deal, you still need to claim the gas offer. Just take a picture of your store/service receipt for as many times as the app prompts. (We're working on updating this process so you can just claim an in-store/service offer.)

If you don't see one of these additional offers listed, then the station doesn't offer cash back on these types of items/services.

*Note: Money services/Western Union, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarette products, phone cards, gift cards, and lottery products are not eligible to earn cash back through GetUpside. If we see these items in your purchase, we'll take them out from your purchase before applying the cash back offer.

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