What is Upside credit? How do I use it?

What’s Upside credit?

Some cash back offers include an Upside credit bonus. You can use Upside credit to get cash back on non-gas purchases (think car washes, auto services, and items from the convenience store).


How does Upside credit work?

Once you’ve earned Upside credit at a station, the next time you visit that station you’ll see offers to apply your credit for cash back on non-gas purchases. 

For example, if you have $9.00 worth of Upside credit at a station, you may see the following offers:

If you choose the $4.00 cash back on car wash and purchase a car wash (and upload your receipt), you’ll see the $4.00 show up in your cash back earnings total, and your Upside credit will show a remainder of $5.00 for future offers.


Does Upside credit ever expire?

Yes, Upside credit expires twice a year. The first expiration period will be July 1, 2017 followed by Jan 1, 2018. So make sure to use your credit before it expires!



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    Sohail Khan

    I want to apply for Card

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    Carleigh Graves

    Hi there. Upside is a free app that gives you cash back when you get gas. We're not a credit card, though. To use Upside, you buy gas using your existing credit or debit card, and then take a picture of your receipt to earn cash back.

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    David Lewis

    How do you use it?

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    Frank Collins

    Can I get the credits at one gas station and use them at another?

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