What is GetUpside credit? How do I use it?

What’s GetUpside credit?

Some cash back offers include a GetUpside credit bonus. You can use GetUpside credit to get cash back on non-gas purchases (think car washes, auto services, and items from the convenience store).


How does GetUpside credit work?

Once you’ve earned GetUpside credit at a station, the next time you visit that station you’ll see offers to apply your credit for cash back on non-gas purchases. 

For example, if you have $19.00 worth of GetUpside credit at a station, you may see the following offers:

If you choose the $9.00 cash back on an oil change and purchase an oil change (and upload your receipt), you’ll see the $9.00 show up in your cash back earnings total, and your GetUpside credit will show a remainder of $10.00 for future offers.


Does GetUpside credit ever expire?

Yes, GetUpside credit expires twice a year. The first expiration period will be July 1, 2017 followed by Jan 1, 2018. So make sure to use your credit before it expires!



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    Sohail Khan

    I want to apply for Card

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    Carleigh Graves

    Hi there. Upside is a free app that gives you cash back when you get gas. We're not a credit card, though. To use Upside, you buy gas using your existing credit or debit card, and then take a picture of your receipt to earn cash back.

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    David Lewis

    How do you use it?

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    Frank Collins

    Can I get the credits at one gas station and use them at another?

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    Claudie Riefkohl Laratta

    I love this app. Easy to use only remember to claim prior to purchasing at the gas station or supermarket. You can withdraw any amount available to your rekected method and customer service is absolutely #1.
    I truly hope Iam not jinxing it! :)

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    Great app been using for about six months now and already made close to 600.00 dollars. A must have app if you like to save money. Use this Promo Code: DP4EG and get a 20 cent per gallon bonus cash back :)

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