Can I use GetUpside with gas station rewards (like cards and coupons)?

Yes, you can use whatever card you already use for gas (besides Fuelman or Fleetcor cards), and pair your purchase with other promotions. It’s important to note, however, that if you use a rewards card or other promotion,* your GetUpside cash back per gallon will be reduced to account for the cost of the other promotion.

This adjustment to account for other reward programs is something we've implemented at the request of the gas stations we're working with. They've raised the issue that the GetUpside program, when layered with their existing rewards programs, can result in them losing money. We do this adjustment as a compromise so that the GetUpside program works for the gas station, so we can keep them in our app and keep getting you cash back. We figured it was better to do this than to have gas stations leave GetUpside, leaving you with less choice. And you can still stack programs, getting you more savings on gas than just using one program.

Please know that when gas margins are tight, you might not see as high discounts - we're not able to offer as much when gas is high! However, margins always recover, so we encourage you to always check the app. No matter what, we hope you never have to pay full price for gas!

*Note: A receipt may be denied if it's been processed by an affiliate cash back program, such as Checkout 51 or GasBuddy. Cash back for a receipt can only be issued once.



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    Jonathan Ricard

    Thanks for the feedback. Quick work. Keep up the great work on the app. Please add more stations and fast food to the app in south carolina. Thanks again

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    Mobile App User

    I used my rewards card to get $0.30/gal off, then GetUpside gave me $0.02/gal cash back on top of it. So still worth using GetUpside as it doesn’t take away from your existing rewards programs. Only adds to it. NOTE: I claimed an offer for $$0.12/gal cash back. I then used my rewards to fill up. After processing my receipt, GetUpside adjusted by cash back to $0.02/gal.

    Hope this helps!

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    Great app I love it

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    It seems that none of these commenters understand how other promotions work. When you combine with Fuel Rewards, grocery partnerships, etc., that discount comes off immediately. THEN you receive the GetUpside cash back. When I fueled up yesterday, I used my Fuel Rewards number and got 10 cents off per gallon (immediate price adjustment at pump), and then about $1.98 cash back from GetUpside. Was it a reduction, sure. But still more than just Fuel Rewards alone. I call that a win.

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    William B Bartholomew Jr

    Love this app, I've let all my friends and relatives know about it and I am accumulating cash in my account.  Only one thing, here in Baltimore, Md. the radio advertises the App and if you use the promo code "JACKFM" for your first purchase you would get up to 35 or 40 cents more off per gallon, on your first purchase only.  I did not get the opportunity to use the code, nothing came up to enter the promo code when I activated the offer and nothing came up when I up loaded the receipt.  Disappointed, Yes, but I love the app and thank you!!!!! Bill

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    Maybe you should add some marketing and expand the opportunities and relationships with partners while throwing new partners in the mix to offer competitive discounts/rewards. That could help you grow this app and make up for the few cents that we want to get back from bundling offers from other entities. I’ll go back to the better deals for now, hope you all can change some things to really set your app apart from the other reward cards, coupons, apps, clubs that change as soon as people sign up.

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    Paul T

    Great app. I really appreciate the cash back and great customer service. Thank you GetUpside

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    John Elm

    I like the app but many stations I have bought gas from have changed the amount I received.   Some stations advertised .12 cents off per gallon and I only received .05 cents off per gallon, it's not fair to lure me in with a discount the gas station advertises on your app for and then after I buy the gas my discount is not applied in full.  In some cases if I had known that I could have bought my gas elsewhere and received a better price.

    GetUpside should build or offer an official support line where users can lodge a complaint against such gas stations so other users can see a rating for that gas station.  This will help hold the member gas stations more accountable if they want to receive more patrons.

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