What payment methods are accepted?

To earn cash back with GetUpside, you need to make your purchase with a debit or credit card. Cash, prepaid credit or debit cards, gift cards, and EBT are not eligible forms of payment for GetUpside offers.

Using a credit or debit card allows us to make sure the person who claimed the offer is the one making the purchase. This way we can show businesses working with GetUpside that their offers for you are driving more business for them. 

*Note - For gas purchases, we're so sorry, but we are unable to accept gift cards, EBT, WIC, Foodstamps, SNAP, Easy Pay, Fuelman, Fleetcor, Fuelman, FM, EFS Fleet Card, Fleetwide, Personal Check, HOUSE ACCT, NPCD, FLEET ONE OTR, Holtzman, PRIVATE LABEL, Door Dash pay, Fuel Loc, or RT Gift as eligible forms of payment.

Additionally, earnings from Coinstar machines are also not accepted, due to the fact that they were derived from cash.



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    I used a Shell Gas credit card and had issues. Go to upper right and hit “submit a request” to see f they will fix it for you.

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    Nissa Smith

    I used a BP credit card. No discount used. Why didn't I get the credit for it?

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    You’ll need to login on desktop website and click on “submit a request” in the upper right side and type your issue there to get any resolutions. They do not read these comments here. It took about a day for me to get a result and I had used a Shell Gas Credit Card.

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    Mobile App User

    Thank you I ended up doing that! I appreciate your help

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