Why do offers vary at my favorite station?

Offers in GetUpside are personalized for each user individually. So the cash back offers you see are, by design, supposed to be different for every user. What determines the offer you get is a combination of the gas stations current business needs (how much business they have, if they want more business, what their margins currently are, etc..) and your relationship with that gas station. So between different people the offers do vary. For example, your friend might be brand new to the gas station, so the station is trying hard to get them to try out the station. While for you, maybe you're already a very loyal customer, so they'll give you offers to keep your business, but they might not be as good as a new introductory offer for a new customer.

That being said, you might sometimes see differences in offers from this scenario! When gas prices are high, margins are tight, so offers in general can be a little low, and any work we're doing on the offer program might seem a bit nonsensical. But offers do always rebound, so stay tuned for higher offers near you!

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