What is GetUpside's referral program? How does it work?

We're so grateful every time you share the app with friends and family!* Using your code, you can refer people to our app, and earn some extra cash back at the same time.

If you open the app and go to Menu --> Free Gas you'll see a page with your personal referral code and an orange button that lets you share it with your friends. The referral codes are randomly assigned to users but each one is unique!

Our referral program has two components:

  1. First-purchase bonus
  2. Per gallon earnings

First-time Bonus:

Share your referral code with a new user, and you'll each get a bonus the first time they get gas!

Note: Your referrals won’t show as live just when they download the app, or even when they just use it. Your referrals will only show as "live," once they not only successfully claim an offer but also receive cash back to their GetUpside balance for it. Their purchase must also be $10 or more in order to be successfully linked as your referral.

Per Gallon Earnings:

Once your referral is a GetUpside user, you'll also get a bonus for every gallon of gas they buy in the future, and a bonus every time one of their referrals gets gas.

We do this because we believe that you can encourage your friends to continue using GetUpside, so we want to thank you for that encouragement. You can also encourage your friends to bring in their friends and we encourage you to do this by providing a bonus every gallon a friend of a friend buys through Upside.

Referral Codes vs. Promo Codes:

Please note that every new user can only use one referral code or promo code. So if a new user has redeemed a GetUpside promo code to their account first, they won't be eligible for a referral code!

 *Note: Only referrals to other individuals are valid referrals. We will not be able to honor any earnings or bonuses from referrals connected to personal accounts created by you. 

*Also: do not post flyers with your referral code at gas stations or establishments without the owner's permission.

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