How do I use GetUpside to get cash back on my grocery store trip?

Earning cash back on groceries is easy. You can claim a grocery offer right through the app:


  • Make sure to claim your offer before you make your purchase. Offers claimed after a purchase is made will not be eligible for cash back.
  • Make sure to get a receipt & submit a picture through the app as prompted.
  • Make sure to pay with credit or debit card. Cash payments and gift card payments are not eligible for cash back.
  • Foodstamp/EBT purchases aren't eligible for cashback. This includes SNAP, EBT, Foodstamps, and WIC programs.
  • Purchases of gift cards and/or phone cards are not eligible for cash back.
  • Each user can only redeem a maximum of 2 grocery offers per week.
  • When claiming your offer, please be mindful of minimum and maximum spend thresholds in order to get your cash back.
  • GetUpside is meant to get you cash back on purchases you make. Uploading receipts from others is against our terms of service and you will not earn cash back on those receipts.
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